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ExtendASP and Cloud-Traders have merged to become iPortalis!
As the new company iPortalis, we increase our footprint in terms of size, geography, staff and resources providing the following benefits:
  • Increased investment across the business
  • A European HQ based in the UK, with further staff in Germany and Spain
  • Broader, localized senior management teams
  • Increased support coverage with broader time zones and languages
  • Localized customer services with local currency billing
  • Increased software development staff, delivering faster on your changing needs
We firmly believe that this merger represents new growth and customer revenue opportunities for you, with our ability to deliver a much richer services proposition for you to transact with your client base. Some highlights, starting in 2017 include:
  • Version 7.0 of the ExtendASP portal with massive performance enhancements and a completely new user interface (similar to the Microsoft Azure portal experience)
  • A large number of additional complementary service propositions for your customers in the communications and business productivity space
  • Advanced “Bill On Behalf Of” services to assist aggregating your services onto one bill in local language and currencies, for regulatory compliance driven services, such as Telecoms and Data