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Switch to iPortalis
Switch from Odin (Parallels), Ensim, or Cloud Portal
With the acquisition of both Odin (Parallels) and Ensim by Ingram Micro, hosters are faced with a decision. Do you want to use software from your largest competitor, or switch to someone you can trust. With Odin phasing out all Windows based support for their product, you will have no choice but to move to a different system. Learn why we can make it painless to switch, as well as save you money on your costs. Our system typically saves over 50% if you are coming from Odin or Ensim. In addition, if you have more than 10,000 users, we will help you switch for free. This will help reduce the headache of switching as well as the costs.

With Citrix no longer supporting CloudPortal, you may be faced with a product that no longer is updated as the market changes. With support for almost all the same products as CloudPortal, as well as similar pricing, iPortalis Portal is a good option for you to switch to.

In addition, iPortalis offers something that Odin and Ensim never could, a fast update process. If you are used to the long painful process of updating Odin, you will be shocked to learn that each time we send you an update, it takes 10 minutes from start to finish. And during that process, only the control panel is offline.
  • Tiered pricing for customers over 10,000 users
  • Aggressive pricing for large scale customers
  • Includes every feature we offer, with support and maintenance
  • Continuous development on all new versions of Microsoft products
  • Free upgrades to all future versions